Bali Whirl Two Wick Candle 6PK

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Our exclusive Destinations collection pulls a number of scents, prints and influences from around the globe that allow the owner to feel a sense of longing and connection with each destination. Experience the hustle & bustle of Morocco, the calming Japanese summer or the crashing shores of Nantucket Bay.

Set the mood with our Bali Whirl Two-Wick Candle, radiating the alluring Groves of Corsica Scent. Immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience as the twin flames dance to the rhythm of the Corsican groves, creating an enchanting atmosphere in your space.

- Supplied to our wholesale customers in pack sizes of 6 units.

SKU: 703562

Pack Quantity: 6
Dimensions: H 8cm x W 11cm x D 11cm

This product is available in multiples of: 6

Quantity In Stock: 800