Set of Two Watercolour Design Mugs in Gold Handles in Gift Box (MO) 1PK

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Monday mornings. The deep aromatic scent of coffee. Your hazy gaze blurs, your vision set on what’s in front of you. Our Madison and Mayfair straight-sided watercolour mug, and as you drift, you notice the watercolour blurs into flowering petals leaking into the murkiness of the brooding skies above.

The fine gold handle radiates sunlight peeking through the moody clouds. The ticking clock snaps you back to reality. Just as the sun rays brightened the murky clouds, allow this watercolour mug to brighten your Monday. These are mail order packed.

 - Supplied to our wholesale customers in units of 1

SKU: 663613

Pack Quantity: 1
Dimensions: H 8cm x W 10cm x D 13.5cm

This product is available in multiples of: 1

Quantity In Stock: 144