Pack of 8 Wax Melts Pomegranate Spice 12PK

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The Apothecary range of candles, wax melts, and home fragrance refers to a collection of products designed to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of a home using scents inspired by traditional apothecary ingredients and practices.

Ignite your senses with our Pack of 8 Wax Melts in the warm and inviting Pomegranate Spice fragrance. Each wax melt is carefully crafted to release a rich and aromatic blend of succulent pomegranate and aromatic spices when placed in your preferred wax warmer. Let the comforting and festive scent of Pomegranate Spice fill your space, creating an ambiance that evokes cozy evenings and joyful gatherings. With long-lasting fragrance and convenience, this pack of wax melts is an essential addition to your home, offering a delightful and inviting aroma that enhances your surroundings with a sense of warmth and festivity.

- Supplied to our wholesale customers in pack sizes of 12 units. 

SKU: 698752

Barcode: 5010795698752
Pack Quantity: 12
Dimensions: H 10.5cm x W 6cm x D 3cm

This product is available in multiples of: 12

Quantity In Stock: 800