Large Wire Fruit bowl - Gold 1PK

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An inventive reimagining of the classic fruit bowl, this metal wire creation can be used for decorative purposes, or to elegantly present your fruit. Its gold colouring makes this bowl ideal for adding a contemporary flourish to classic interiors or emboldening more modern decor.

 The classic fruit bowl meets a utopian revisioning with this gold wire bowl. Long, and leisurely arched, it recalls ancient Greek mythology, conjuring images of bowls stacked with the ripest fruits, dripping with ambrosia, piled high in worship at the altar.

 We recommend positioning it within reach of the sun rays, to brighten your room with its resplendent light. What is fit for a god must also be fit for you.

SKU: 660698

Barcode: 5010795660698
Pack Quantity: 1
Dimensions: H 13.5cm x W 35.5cm x D 45cm

This product is available in multiples of: 1

Quantity In Stock: 151