Candle Making Gift Set - Amber and Patchouli 6PK

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Discover the art of candle making with the Candle Making Gift Set, featuring the deep and enchanting Amber and Patchouli fragrance. This kit provides all the essentials for crafting your own beautifully scented candles, perfect for those who appreciate the finer details of home fragrance. The rich, earthy notes of patchouli blend seamlessly with the warm, resinous undertones of amber, creating an aroma that is both comforting and sophisticated. Ideal for beginners and experienced makers alike, this set offers a fulfilling DIY experience, resulting in candles that not only illuminate your space with a soft, ambient glow but also fill it with a luxurious scent that soothes the senses and adds an air of elegance to any room.

- Supplied to our wholesale customers in pack sizes of 6 units.

SKU: 699797

Barcode: 5010795699797
Pack Quantity: 6
Dimensions: H 21.15cm x W 13.2cm x D 6.2cm

This product is available in multiples of: 6

Quantity In Stock: 800