43CM Sitting Carved Buddha - Silver 1PK

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Beautifully carved, this sitting silver Buddha statue will radiate tranquillity from mantelpieces or windowsills across the home. A subtle and exotic ornamental addition, this timeless piece matches both traditional and temporary decor.

 Artistic iconography of the Buddha first appeared between the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D. in India, the geographic origin of Buddhism. Never intended to represent the physical attributes of the man, each image represents the spirit of the teachings of Buddha. The sitting Buddha is the most common representation of the Buddha, conveying a sense of teaching, meditation, and the path to enlightenment.

 Hand gestures (mudras) are essential in determining what a sitting Buddha means. In this case, with one hand vertical against the chest, and another horizontal, like a resting bowl underneath, is the Vitarka Mudra, which signifies the discussion and transmission of the teachings of the Buddha. Place this Buddha ornament in a room to invite extra intellectual stimulation or to manifest inner peace.


  • Weighted and solid structure

  • Metallic silver body

  • Exquisite Luxe collection

  • Carved detailing

SKU: 661916

Barcode: 5010795661916
Pack Quantity: 1
Dimensions: H 42cm x W 23cm x D 11cm

This product is available in multiples of: 1

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