A taste of the exotic comes to homewares

October 22, 2019 2 min read

A taste of the exotic comes to homewares

 So what trends are we showcasing this Autumn?  Faux plants are back with a vengeance.  Largely inspired by Instagram and the interiors influencers, those ‘hard to grow’ exotic plants are now available to buy and the great thing is they look completely realistic, but offer very low maintenance. 

Here in the UK, taking care of real-life exotic plants can be tough as we don’t share their natural climatic conditions, but now, aloes, string of pearls, cacti, green cheese plants, palm tree leaves and tropical ferns can all be found in our new Autumn collection.  What’s more they are displayed in attractive pots, which make them the perfect gift.

They can also be kept anywhere - to style everything from a bathroom to a dark corner, without any need to worry about their upkeep.

Many instagrammers are choosing to display their pots on our antique gold-effect Monkey tables.  Watch this space as this popular design will soon be available in a cool white shade too.  A stylish Buddha table will be released soon in white, antique gold and silver, as well as an exotic bird table in distressed gold.

To complement this perfectly are the resin elephants and tigers in antique gold from our Animal Luxe range.  Completing this effect are the three-monkey candle holders and the small and large glass globes on metal stands, available in an attractive antique gold finish.

Continuing on the exotic theme and how the influx of Instagram has influenced choice of holiday destination, this was the inspiration for our Destinations range which has been hugely popular since its launch in the Spring.  Smell is one of the most heightened of all the senses and is closely linked with memory, so this range evokes vivid recollections of exotic trips abroad with its six unique fragrances.  This includes Kashmir Pear & Fig; Moroccan Red Cinnamon, Japanese Wild Summer Cherry and Thai Flower Market.  

Debbie Isles, Sales Director at Candlelight Products, explains: “There is a very strong taste of the exotic currently, which is evident in our range this Autumn.  It’s providing the inspiration for many people to style their home with an authentic Exotic theme, which may not have been possible before.  There’s a real trend towards creating striking interiors that are a treat for the senses, as well as looking sensational.”

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