How to maximise sales through effective candle displays

February 28, 2019 2 min read

How to maximise sales through effective candle displays

Candlelight’s Sales Director Debbie Isles looks at how to make the very best of candle and reed diffuser displays.

Tip one: Maximise window displays

Spring can be a busy time for retailers, especially if you get your displays right.  It is important to remember to plan your displays of candles and reed diffusers early and create interest from customers even before they walk into the shop.  This could mean creating eyecatching window displays with tasteful depiction of eggs and bunnies for Easter, or wedding displays leading up to the summer season, which usually starts in May.   As soon as the customer enter the shop, displays of candles and reed diffusers should be placed in their line of vision, as they make ideal gifts for many different occasions.  Whatever theme you are targeting, make sure the candle and reed diffusers are given adequate space and that they are displayed at eye level and below.

Tip two: Smell sells

Fragrance is the most important factor when buying a candle product and it is vitally important that the retailer entices the senses, so the customer is drawn towards the product as soon as they enter the display area.  It is advisable to have a working reed diffuser in its scent on display, with a signature/hero product highlighted so it can clearly be identified.

However, with some ranges it is not necessary to have a product in use.  Our new own brand candle collection contains gin and prosecco candles that are presented in an innovative tin.  The fragrance can be smelt through the tester pots without the need to open the tins.  The tins themselves create interest as they are a quirky and innovative way to display the product.  The authentic fragrance of these candles and reed diffusers are the main reason for the range’s success.  RING PULL CANDLE PHOTO

Tip three Packaging matters

Choose candles and reed diffusers that are presented in attractive packaging.  The packaging should almost “sell itself” as research has shown that an essential element of the gift buying experience is the packaging.  This year metallics continue to be a popular trend and this transcends right through to the packaging.  Our designers create both the product and the packaging in conjunction with each other, so it offers the customer a complete gift buying experience.

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